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April 20, 2020 4 min read

The home spa: picture it as a relaxing place, filled with warm water, relaxing music, and the glow of soft candles. Imagine having all the soothing peace you need, whenever you come home from a stressful day. Imagine being able to pamper yourself in quiet luxury, without the hefty price tag of a day at the spa. By buying redesigning a bathroom or other area of your home and creating your own home spa you can have all your spa needs meeting while keeping the entire experience within your own home.

To create the perfect home spa system, you should start by selecting the right hot tub. You can find them in a variety of colors and sizes. Before making the purchase, think about where you would like to place your spa. There are both indoor and outdoor options for hot tubs, so you can decide if you want to designate a section of a basement, a porch or a desk as your new spa zone.

There are many makes and models of home spa tubs to choose from. Be sure to find the one that you feel is ideal for your home spa, as this will become the centerpiece of your new home attraction. Some hot tubs even come equipped with space for up to fourteen people and include their own digital television so you can soak up some hot water, enjoy time with your friends, and catch the hottest television shows or movies.

Once you have chosen the right hot tub, it is time to consider the broader environment that you will be placing it into. The perfect home spa will be a space unto itself, where you can go to relax away from all the stresses and cares of the day. Take care of yourself and choose the colors, designs, and layout that make you feel most at peace. One of the great advantages of having a home spa system versus a commercial one is that you decide how you feel most comfortable, and can design the system to your own individual tastes. When you have finished designing the layout of the new home spa to your exact needs, you are ready to move into even smaller details of creating your new space.

When setting up the perfect home spa for your own use, you want to engage and relax all of your senses. Ease your eyes by creating soft-toned lighting and colors, so all that you see is peaceful and calm, never bright or agitating. A radio or speaker system, if your tub does not come with a television, is a great way of playing soft, soothing music that will re-energize your ears after listening to the chaotic noises of the outside world all day long. 

Choose snacks based on whatever criteria you wish; something indulgent to brighten your mood or something healthful to keep you in shape. Soak into the warm water and feel how the contact eases your stresses and the cares of the day. Do not forget the importance of smell either. Scented plants rose petals, or incense are all ways to stimulate the sense of smell and create a harmless euphoria. Be creative! This is your space to design how you wish.

You may already have a good idea of which health and beauty products you prefer, but now that you own your own spa, why not experiment a little? A tactic you can use to experiment and enhance the home spa experience is to dim the lights when you use this at night. The relaxed, dim atmosphere will simulate sleep and let your mind be at peace.

Another handy tip for a better home spa experience is to slightly warm up your body lotion by placing it near a heat vent so when you finish soaking in the warm water, you can enjoy a soothing massage with warm lotion. A third interesting home beauty tip is to use fresh cut lemon to soften tough spots on your skin by breaking it down with the lemon juices. You can also use a scented lotion to de-stress after your hot tub session which you can breathe while rubbing onto your body to give yourself the sensation of being pampered in a luxury spa resort. There are a number of small tips and tricks you can use to enhance your home spa experience, do not be afraid to experiment and find the ones that you love the most.

There are direct health benefits that can be realized in a spa system, and having an idealized home spa will allow you to experience these without the added expense of routine trips to a commercial spa. Studies have shown that using a spa increases a person’s physical and mental health by reducing their stress and offering some relief to aching joints and other pain. When you go to a commercial spa, there is always some risk of bacterial contamination, despite the preventative steps that they take to keep their clients safe. In your own home spa, you know exactly how long the water has been sitting there, how many people have been in the water, and the last time it was cleaned. This means you can have all the benefits which arise from giving yourself personal time to de-stress, without having to stress again about getting sick.

An ideal home spa is a place designated as a comfort zone. It should be built and designed with you in mind. The first step is to select the hot tub which best suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a smaller, more intimate tub which will allow you to relax away from the world, or a larger model where many friends can come together, there are hot tubs available which will serve anywhere along that spectrum. When you have chosen the appropriate tub, you can then focus on creating the spa of your dreams. Engage all of your senses, and prepare to be amazed by it.