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April 19, 2020 4 min read

It can be overwhelming to determine what the right skincare product is for you. Magazine pages and flashy commercials all have, "breakthrough" products that claim one size fits all. But is that how your skin really works? In reality, we all have skin types that are as different as we are but knowing these and what this means can help you to get a plan and product that is just right for you. Knowing your skin type will not only make your efforts more effective but replenish the actual needs of your body, allowing it to respond in a completely organic way. Building this type of relationship with your skin will make sure that it will stay clean, vibrant, and healthy.

Before this type of partnership can be built, it is important to know what classifies as a skin type. The three major classifications are built upon these characteristics: dry, normal, or oily. Although these words may seem very plain, understanding their meaning allows you to regain control of your skincare. To find out which type your skin is you can use a mirror and examine your face (forehead, nose, and chin) for these qualities: elasticity, complexion, and pore and blemish visibility.

For example, if your complexion is taught, having little elasticity, and bearing little to no blemishes, your skin would easily qualify for a dry skin type. However, if your skin is loose, bears a full or oily complexion, and contains many blemishes your skin would qualify as an oily skin type. A face that seems to show a balanced result is called normal.

An important factor to think about while evaluating your skin is any other outside factors that may affect your skin's condition. Genetics, medication, or the chemicals and temperatures it’s exposed to may play an important role in properly evaluating your skin. Determining these will allow you to make informed decisions

that may lead to a much more accurate skin type analysis. Some skin conditions that affect skin type may require a doctor, such as a dermatologist to properly restore or balance your body’s current skin quality and condition. After these important stages are accomplished it is now possible to accurately address your unique skin condition.

If you find that your skin type is dry don't despair. There are many simple things that you can do to help improve and restore your skin's health. Small lifestyle changes like taking shorter showers, scrubbing with less intensity, and applying a daily moisturizer to your face will help to bring dependable and permanent results. Also because dry skin is more taught than other skin types, it is recommended that you use anti-wrinkle products to help counteract the deep-set lines that more prone to develop on tight skin. This is especially helpful advice because once learned this information you can begin to shop for products that contain both the moisturizer you need and the anti-wrinkle chemicals that your face will thank you for.

Now if you have given yourself evaluation and determined that your skin type is oily, relax there are also many simple things that you can do to restore your skin's natural balance and glow. Small lifestyle changes like, cleaning your face after you perspire, using non-comedogenic products (less likely to seal in pores), and resisting the urge to pop your pimples will give you the head start you've needed to get your skin back in fighting shape. The main principle for people with oily skin type is to continue to clean their face daily so that the natural oils produced don't have time to build up and cement around the pores. With this in mind, it can become very easy to take responsibility for the quality of your skin.

The one that requires the least amount of change are people who evaluate that they have a normal skin type. It must be stressed that although normal skin types will have less conditional problems, you are not exempt from daily maintenance. Continuing to scrub lightly, wash daily, and moisturize on a regular basis will ensure that your skin will maintain its natural rhythm. Neglecting to follow through on these simple steps could reverse your body’s normal progression and even change your skin type! One distinct advantage of maintaining a normal skin type is that you will not have to buy hybrid moisturizers or products that are marketed specifically for people with dry or oily skin types.

In the long run, this could save you a substantial amount from your skincare budget.

A subject that cannot be stressed enough is remaining vigilant on your skincare treatment. Knowing your skin type is only half the battle. It is vital to the health of your skin to apply this knowledge to the changes you expect from your skin. It is to your advantage to know your skin type and its condition because then you can make well-informed choices about how to doctor your condition. By becoming a more self staring individual (in regards to skincare), you can prevent much more serious conditions from occurring and keep and much more youthful and vibrant skin complexion. And as you begin to implement these changes it will become obvious that your skin responds positively when you are able to give it the things that it needs most.

Overall, skincare can be very simple. The most wonderful part about that statement is that the changes that simple skincare management can bring about are extraordinary! At the root of these changes is keeping a close watch on your skin's type and condition. Through the years it is reasonable to expect that different factors in your life will cause it to change. Luckily, if you remember the skincare basics you will know how to treat your skin at any stage of its life. Knowing skin types are not only the remedy for your current life but the many years to come.